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Pedicures at our pamper parties are available in our mini, luxury or delxue option. The mini 15 minute option is a basic file and polish, the luxury 30 minute option includes more cuticle work and leg and foot massage where as our most indulgent deluxe option which takes an hour can include exfoliation to soften the skin on the hands or a paraffin wax treatment. 


What is a Pedicure?

A pedicure is, basically, a foot manicure and is not intended to take the place of the work done by a chiropodist. Clients choose to have a pedicure because it is a very soothing and relaxing experience, which refreshes hot, tired and swollen feet.
A pedicure involves soaking the feet in tepid water to which an antiseptic or refreshing foot lotion has been added; the removal of any old nail enamel (if appropriate); clipping and/or filing the toe nails; removing any hard skin which has accumulated on the balls of the feet or the heels; a gentle foot and leg massage and finally the application of enamel to the toenails.

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