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Tips for Hosting a Pamper Party


Guests Having Massage Treatments or Facials

Please ensure there's a quiet separate room or area for these treatments to be carried out as the client will generally have to remove part or all of their clothing. Most therapists will provide music for these treatments to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. If you're having a 'mini facial' it's advisable that you remove your makeup before the treatment.

Guests Having Manicures and Pedicures 

It might be useful if a table for the manicures can be provided, although some therapists to bring a portable table with them. It isn't essential for manicures and pedicures to be performed in a different room to the rest of the pamper party guests but you can do if you wish. Some therapists like to work in a ventilated area when providing these treatments, so please bare that in mind. If you're having a 'mini' pedicure or manicure please remove any nail varnish before the treatment.


Make sure you and your guests wear something you feel comfortable in and that can be removed easily when having massage. Please note, top clothes also may need to be removed when having a facial or Indian Head Massage but this is not essential.

Start Times

The therpists will arrive 15-30 minutes before the first treatment commences. You should try to arrange for all of the guests to arrive at the pamper party around the same time too if they are travelling. Please ensure everyone is ready for their treatment at the correct time as there may be a fine to pay to the therapist for their extra time.

Food and Drink 

We suggest that you provide some light party snacks but nothing too heavy that will leave the guests bloated. We recommend you only drink the same amount allowed when driving. The reason for this is that massage treatments and the effects they have on the body when combined with excessive alcohol can dramatically slow down your reflex system, could cause head aces, nausea and dizzy spells.

Finally, if you have any other concerns please take a look at our frequently asked questions page or alternatively contact us.  

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